Nine Monologues, 2004
Audio Interviews and Digital Video (10:09 min)

“By far the most original and haunting piece in the show is "Nine Monologues," by Peter B. Becker Nelson... An actor of stunning capabilities, Nelson deftly assumes the mannerisms -- fluttery eyes, facial twitches -- of the female speakers, from the girlish hesitancy of a child to the resonant tones of an older woman. Watching a young, scruffy guy discussing sex differences in feminine voices is a bizarre, and utterly fascinating experience.”
—Mary Abbe, Human to the Max, Star Tribune, February 3, 2006

“One of the most interesting finds is Peter B. Becker Nelson with his project “9 Monologues” … The performance and the piece appear to be non-partisan--that is, it makes no real statement about what it means to be a woman, but lets the viewer grapple with these issues… [It] is riveting to watch and the potential it represents is exciting.”
—Suzanne Szucs, Moving Intelligence,, February 26, 2006